Kierkegaard’s Words (Worte Kierkegaards)

Die Fackel

Shame, shame on the daily papers! If Christ came down today, I swear on my life he would attack the journalists, not the high priests!

God in heaven knows: the lust for blood is a stranger to my soul, and I believe that I have a terrible perception of my responsibility before God: but I would nevertheless be prepared, in the name of God, to take responsibility for opening fire, if I had assured myself beforehand with the most anxious and conscientious care, that the only people, the only living things, in the line of fire, were journalists.

S ö r e n Kierkegaard, 1846.

And seventy years later, when it would be so many seventy times more desirable, when there are seventy times more rifle barrels, and journalists, they are behind them, not in front. They helped to load them, and observe. They are shown how to shoot, and we wait until they come to describe it. What a responsibility the earth, which approves of and bears this, takes upon itself, in the name of  God.

Author: Karl Kraus

Published in: Die Fackel Die Fackel KrausWeltgericht1 Kraus Judgement Day I


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