In Memory of Siegfried Jacobsohn (Dem Andenken Siegfried Jacobsohns)

Siegfried Jacobsohn

The world has changed. I don’t believe it yet. It’s not possible.

And a quiet, deep voice says, »We’re on our own«.

A day without fighting isn’t a good day. You fought.

You said what everyone felt, but no one wanted to say.

We were all your welcome guests.

We brought you everything. You loved to laugh.

Never pathetic. Not a hint of it in the whole time.

You were a Berliner, you didn’t stand on ceremony.

We will continue on your path. We have to. You rest in sleep.

You have hurt me for the first time. And how!

You encouraged and cultivated quietly. Laughed.

If I can do anything right, it is all just for you. Please accept it.

Author: Kurt Tucholsky

Published in:

TuchoWerkeRowo Tucholsky Works PantrTigerCo Tucholsky Panter, Tiger & Co.

TuchoPanterTigerAndere Tucholsky Panter, Tiger & Others

As: Für ihn State of Emergency

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