Murder, Murder, Nothing but Murder, for Ten Long Years (Mord, Mord und wiederum Mord, zehn Jahre lang)

Egon Erwin Kisch. Der Rasende Reporter

Today, the world is ‚celebrating’ a unique anniversary: ten years of the rule of systematic murder.

That’s how long they have already been in power, those who are only able to experience their power as power when they exercise the power of life and death over the defenceless. They call it making history when they destroy everything historic, they call it, “establishing irrevocable facts” when they kill everything human, and they are proud of it. The revenge of inhumanity on humanity is running riot as it pleases, unrestrained and unpunished, allowed, in fact officially encouraged, as an act of the most barbaric cowardice.

Murder, murder, nothing but murder, for ten long years already. Ten years of the twentieth century after the birth of Christ. Young German men, the noblest and most eager to learn among German workers, have been whipped or stamped to death by Nazi boots in the Columbiahaus[P1]  or the Prinz-Albrecht-Palais[P2]  and their obedient subsidiaries in a thousand German towns. The hatchet was introduced for progressive, socially aware and courageously professing German men. German soldiers of the Great War, priests and professors, German nationalists, members of the Centre party and democrats, scavenged in the waste bins of the three hundred German concentration camps, looking for left-overs, before dying of starvation or being beaten to death. Elderly German men and women, veterans and grandmothers, hospital patients and residents of homes, have been gassed or killed by injection.

And the rest? The German youth which the Nazis have been able to capture, are at least they the heirs of the murdered, the profiteers of mass murder? No. The tattered bodies of millions of them, nearly all of them in fact, have bled and frozen to death in the snowy desert and sea of excrement by Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, or in the sandy desert of Egypt. There where the German youth had been promised Lebensraum, space for life, they found only space for death, and nothing can bring them back.

The mass murder of millions of Jews, because they were Jews. “The Jews are the cause of our misfortune”, that’s what it says. What misfortune? That Hitler came?  That the Nazis took over all the money and banks and profitable enterprises? That the crazy town crier gave orders to invade and plunder one country after another? The misfortune of his victories and defeats, of the Battle of Britain, of the Night of the Long Knives? Of the sudden deaths of generals? The misfortune that the stupid Russians still defended themselves in 1941, although they were all really already dead? The misfortunes of Africa, Toulon and the Caucasus?

It’s the Jews’ fault that they can’t be Nazis. That’s why the Nazis suspect them of being human beings, as they suspect the ‘pure’ German democrats, Catholics, Protestants, socialists and communists that they execute or torture to death, of the same thing.

The brown[P3]  torturers believed that they could change the world and impose their own order on it, by means of murder, murder, and nothing but murder, for ten long years. They don’t know the world, or the order of things, and they don’t know the meaning of human life. People have served people since ancient times. Ever since science and art have existed, they have been in the service of human life. Doctors have been striving to cure disease since Asclepius. Lawyers have been disputing the just punishment for crime since long before biblical times. The philosophers, priests and artists of classical antiquity tried to improve the human condition, and even savages try to achieve happiness and spirituality.

The state, society, freedom, equality, justice – Nazis recognize none of them, they only approve of that which harms the German people, their own ranks, and all other peoples. They envy death and preach only murder, murder, and nothing but murder, and have been putting this teaching of the half-educated raving madman into practice uninhibitedly for the last ten years.

Uninhibited? No, no longer uninhibited. The world has finally begun to inhibit it. And no matter how pessimistic the most pessimistic is, he can’t believe that we could be about to experience ten more terrible, shameful years full of murder, murder, and nothing but murder

 [P1]Early concentration camp in Berlin-Tempelhof

 [P2]Gestapo headquarters in Berlin

 [P3]Used in German to mean fascist, as red is used to mean socialist. From the brown shirts of the first fascist militia.

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