The Packed House Acclaimed the Heroes, who Salute their Thanks (Das übervolle Haus jubelte den Helden begeistert zu, die stramm salutierend dankten)


This evening in the Bürgertheater[1] is dedicated to the widows and orphans of the heroes of Uszieczko. The reinforcement squadron of the k.u.k.[2] 11th Imperial Dragoon regiment (First Lieutenant Baron Rohn) has put on a gala performance for the widows and orphans of their comrades who fell at Uszieczko.

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Potemkin Film and Pacifists (Potemkin-Film und Pazifisten)


by Franz Leschnitzer

I hope that all militarists who see the Potemkin film[1] are sick to the stomach. But hopefully also some pacifists as well. Some, not all, then it is obvious that there is not just one sort of pacifist in Germany. There are at least three: absolute pacifists, right-wing relativists and left-wing relativists.

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