Existing English translations

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl; Gode, Alexander & Wright, Sue Allen (trans.) (1974) The Last Days of Mankind: a Tragedy in Five Acts. Ungar. Abridgement

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & Russell, Michael (trans.) (2013) The Last Days of Mankind (http://thelastdaysofmankind.com)

KrausNoCompromise Kraus, Karl & Ungar Frederick (1974) No Compromise. Selected Writings of Karl Kraus. Ungar.

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & Szasz, Thomas (1976) Karl Kraus and the Soul Doctors. LouisianaStateUniversity Press. =

KrausSzasz Kraus, Karl & Szasz, Thomas (1990) Anti-Freud: Karl Kraus’ Criticism of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry

KrausZohn Kraus, Karl &  Zohn, Harry (ed. trans.) (1976) In These Great Times: A Karl Kraus Reader. Engendre Press, (1984) Carcanet. & (1990) University of Chicago Press. 978-0226452654

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & Zohn Hary (ed. tran.) (1990) Half Truths and One-and-a-Half Truths: selected aphorisms. Engendre Press & University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0-226-45268-9

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & Havergal, Giles (1999) The Last Days of Mankind. BBC 3 radio drama in 3 episodes.

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & McVity, Jonathan (trans.) (2001) Dicta and Contradicta: A collection of aphorisms. University of Illinois Press. Translation of Spruche und Widerspruche (1909)

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl &  Linck, Dirck (ed.) (2006) Selected Short Writings.

KrausKarl Kraus, Karl & Dingle, Carol A (2012) Memorable Quotations: Karl Kraus, Amazon Digital Services, Kindle

KrausHealyKindle Kraus, Karl & Healy, Patrick (trans.)(2014) In This Great Time: Selected Writings, Kindle

KrausFranzen Kraus, Karl & Franzen, Jonathan (2013) The Kraus Project. Harper Collins

Carl von Ossietzky Ossietzky, Carl von, Frei, Bruno (ed.) & Peet, John (trans.) (1971) Selected Writings of Carl von Ossietzky. Lawrence & Wishart

Joseph roth Roth, Joseph & Hofmann, Michael (trans.) ()What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933, W.W. Norton. Kindle €9,52. Translation of Bienert, Michael (ed.) (2010) Joseph Roth in Berlin

Joseph roth Roth, Joseph & Hofmann, Michael (trans.) (2005) Report From a Parisian Paradise: Essays from France, 1925-1939. W.W. Norton

Joseph roth Roth, Joseph & Hofmann, Michael (trans.) (2012) Joseph Roth: A Life in Letters, W.W. Norton.

Schwarzschilddownfall Schwarzschild, Leopold (2010) Chronicle of a Downfall. Tauris. 978-1848852891. Kindle. Translation of Wesemann, Andreas (ed.) (2005) Chronik eines Untergangs

Tucholsky  Tucholsky, Kurt & Zohn, Harry (ed. trans.) (1957) The World is a Comedy: a Tucholsky Anthology, Sci-Art

Tucholsky Tucholsky, Kurt & Zohn, Harry (ed. trans.) (1967) What if? Satirical Writings of Kurt Tucholsky. Funk & Wagnalls

Tucholsky Tucholsky, Kurt & Zohn, Harry (ed. trans.) (1990) Germany? Germany! Kurt Tucholsky Reader, Carcanet Press. 085635810X

TucholskyOpitz Tuchosky, Kurt & Opitz, Cindy (trans.) (2013) Berlin! Berlin! Dispatches from the Weimar Republic. Berlinica.

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